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Campuses don't look like they used to look!     In-person student activities have been limited by COVID-19, but even before that, college life was moving away from residential campuses and into a more diverse landscape of online programs, community colleges, and focused career training. More young people are also taking gap years or working for a period of time before starting a degree.

That means more and more young people don't have the benefit of traditional "campus ministry" - a faith community designed around the unique needs and opportunities of young adulthood.

Our mission is to fill this gap, connect young people with one another and with your faith - regardless of where or how you're preparing for the next steps in your life. 

Our Foundation

The Book of Acts opens as the disciples wait in Jerusalem following Christ’s ascension – the ministry of Christ in their midst has ended, and they are not sure what ministry will look like moving forward. Into this liminal space, the Holy Spirit breathes and something entirely new is born – the Church, or , meaning a community “called out.” The remainder of Acts tells of the disciples-turned-apostles, Paul and other early believers as they are “called out” into a new form of communal life in response to the Good News of Christ and the work of the Spirit. This Good News was spread via the innovative and flexible ministry of itinerant missionaries such as Paul, Phoebe, and Barnabas, resulting in a loose network of communities, which became connected over time through letters and shared relationships, forming what we now know as the Universal Church.


Two thousand years later, the Holy Spirit is still moving, continually constituting and reconstituting the Church. As part of this long tradition, we seek to form meaningful Christian communities that meet young people where they are and call them into deeper faith and engagement.

Reading the Quran

Dominic Mejia, M. Div.

Dom was raised in Bryan, OH. He graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with a major in Pre-Theology and minors in Philosophy and Sociology. During his time at OWU, he served two different churches, oversaw undergraduate intern programs for the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church, and worked closely with the Interfaith movement.


A certified candidate for ordained ministry in the UMC, Dom holds an M.Div. from Boston University School of Theology. He served as the Director of Children and Youth Ministries at Harvard-Epworth UMC from 2017-2019, before becoming director of University Student and Young Adult Ministries. He brings a gentle spirit, theological background, experience in program structuring, and a love for all God’s people to his work with students and young people.

Rev. Natalie Hill

Rev. Natalie Hill is a Methodist minister and chaplain. Natalie holds a B.A. and M.Div. from Boston University, where she was involved in campus ministry both as a student, and as a chaplain. She also received an M.S.W. from Simmons College, and worked as a clinical social worker for many years, specializing in eating disorders.


As a chaplain, she is
particularly interested in the role of spirituality in emotional wellbeing, and helping people experience God in and through their bodies. John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, was known to say that the world was his parish. Natalie invites students to instead view the world as their laboratory, bringing their questions and creativity into a wide range of life experiences.


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