About us

THE CIRCUIT exists because a group of clergy, chaplaincies and local faith communities are committed to making sure every young person has access to an inclusive, affirming community of peers who are exploring life's deep questions alongside the questions, gifts, & challenges of your unique life stage. 

No matter where you are, how you identify, or what burdens you bring, YOU are welcome here.

Natalie Hill.jpg
Rev. Natalie Hill 
Rev. Sarah TevisTownes


Chaplain at MIT, Cambridge, MA 

& The Circuit


Pastor at Church of the Good Shepherd, Albuquerque, NM

Andrew Ponder Williams


Campus Minister at Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ

Sarah Portrait.jpg
Sarah Harbaugh

Director of University Student & Young Adult Ministry at Harvard-Epworth Church, Cambridge, MA

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Niki Turner 

Digital Ministry Intern

Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary class of 2022