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Spark the spiritual growth of young people of today AND tomorrow, while gaining access to exclusive community and content like Bible studies, prayer, and worship. We will email these directly to you or a young person in your life several times each year.

Donation: $10/mo or $100/year

You're supporting young people's spiritual growth well into the future. As a symbol of thanks, in addition to "Spark" level perks, receive an individual spiritual growth session with a Circuit chaplain, and an at-home worship kit for your personal devotions.

Donation: $25/mo or $275/year

For communities and dedicated individuals! When you support young people into the future, access all the benefits of previous levels, AND a Circuit chaplain will join your community for a live talk, sermon, or Bible study!

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It takes a lot of support to build a global movement, and that's what we hope The Circuit will become!

It takes support from volunteers willing to be guest speakers, meet with a young person about their career path, or help our chaplains with under-the-hood technology challenges.

It takes donors willing to contribute financially; partners for local service projects and gatherings; and supporters who help spread the word to a wider network.